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June 19th, 2020
12 PM – 1 PM EST


Set up for Refining Fire
Covid-19 and Opportunities for Personal Growth

The realities of trying to manage the Covid-19 pandemic has placed millions of people in situations they’ve not experienced before and would likely never have chosen. Some are dealing with fear and anxiety about contracting the virus or experiencing the grief of losing loved ones. Many others are entering the third month of stay-at-home orders, feeling the stress of financial pressures, trying to work in a makeshift space, juggling the needs of partners, kids and pets in that same space, all while dealing with the effects of isolation–it’s no wonder so many feel like they are near or at their limits!

 While the stress points are many, there are also unprecedented opportunities for self-discovery. It is growth in self-awareness that always sets the stage for personal growth. Discerning coaches who can help clients focus and learn from what they are experiencing will see their clients flourish in spite of the restrictions of this pandemic.

This webinar will discuss how factors like personality, gender and societal expectations are playing out in the current WFH (work from home) environment. Seasoned Flow executive coaches Thomi Glover and Ed Rowell will share what they are learning and seeing from both current research and their own experience.


Ed Rowell, BA, MDiv, ACC

BA – Bachelor of Communications

MDiv  – Master of Divinity

ICF ACC – International Coach Federation – Associate Certified Coach

Ed Rowell spent the first 28 years of his professional life as a parish minister, working to bring transformation to tired expressions of faith. In that role he frequently walked with parishioners through both the predictable and surprising transitions of life. He holds a BA in Communications with an emphasis in Creative Writing as well as a Masters of Divinity. Ed has been a certified coach since 2013 and has received well over 200 hours of specific coaching training, including Conversational Intelligence and Flow Coaching’s Unleash Your Creative Potential Towards a Positive Shift course. He is certified in a number of assessments including Myers-Briggs and the Prepare-Enrich Relationship Assessment.

Since retiring from ministry in 2015, Ed has had an encore career as a consultant and executive coach specializing in leader development and succession planning. He works with business owners and senior executives, creating individualized development plans to prepare Next-Gen leaders to take the reins while guiding exiting leaders to create a life plan for their encore experience. Ed lives in Colorado with his wife of 35 years.



ICF PCC – ICF Professional Certified Coach

FLOW’s Program Faculty

‘’No matter what you do or how you do it, do it with passion, do it like you mean it.’’

Thomi began practicing coaching 30 years ago when she was the Western Regional Manager of the Education Practice of an international consulting company as she worked with the company consultants and the client organizations.  Her extensive background earlier in teaching in high school, university and special adult education programs had developed both competence and deep satisfaction in helping people grow to become everything they could be in the world. 

Over these years she was certified in numerous facilitation processes and has developed a deep interest and competence in emotional / relational intelligence for individuals and teams. Thomi is committed to building self-awareness, personal mastery and effective relationships to create the results people need and want.  

The FLOW Coaching Institute trains world-class coaches through online virtual coach certification programs accredited by the International Coach Federation. Established in Vancouver, BC in 2009 the FLOW Coaching Institute has helped more than +50,000 individuals and Fortune 1000 companies around the world to transform their lives, performance, and cultures forever.

The FLOW Coaching Institute Trains Confident and Competent World Class Coaches which includes a diverse group of coaches serving different audiences such as business coaching, executive coaching, life coaching, career coaching, leadership development coaching, mid-level managerial coaching, corporate coaching, parental coaching, student coaching, wellness coaching, financial coaching and so on.

Being ‘in the flow’ occurs when we do what we enjoy, use our strengths, embrace our values, and express our individuality. Our experienced coaches will use FLOW Coaching’s exclusive methodology to help you develop the confidence, leadership, and creativity needed to bring your personal and professional strengths into the fore.

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