FLOW Coaching Institute is happy to announce FLOW Global Talks. FLOW Global Talks has been launched with the aim to update you with all the current industry insights and the buzzword around coaching. It is all about a series of 60 minutes FREE webinars from seasoned coaches from all over the globe! Join us to share your ideas with us and fellow coaches to foster information exchange. Step in to inspire each other!

April 7th, 2020
12 PM – 1 PM EST


Learn How Online Live Classes can be Grounding During Times of Crisis

Our innate needs as human beings that we are born with is to socially connect and bond with others. Unlike many other living beings, human beings are designed to live together.

As online live coaching certification programs provider, during these existential crises one feedback that we have been receiving from our student coaches is that the time during the course classes is their grounded space. It gives them a sense that there is something they can count on in the midst of ongoing chaos.

We would like to invite you to our FREE live webinar learning how online live classes can be grounding during times of crisis.

In this webinar we will explore together:

  • The benefits of staying engaged during time of social distancing
  • How online live classes will give you a meaningful purpose to hold onto during these existential crises
  • How online live classes can help you to learn a new skill derived from the Positive Psychology & the FLOW Coaching Method that is useful
  • Explore how the positive model of flow coaching can help you endure in these times and use this time productively to prepare yourself for a brighter future


What FLOW Student Coaches have to say about it


It’s a very grounding experience when we do this work and I need that right now in all forms so I’m glad that we have this setup… There is something I can count on.

I am not by any means sacrificing this sort of grounding space right now


    Talyaa Vardar

    BSc – Bachelor of Science in Public Administration

    MA  – Master of Arts in Expressive Arts Therapy and Systems Change from EGS University

    ICF PCC – International Coach Federation – Professional Certified Coach

    Talyaa Vardar is a professional coach and creative catalyst with several years of experience helping individuals and organizations achieve a more fulfilled life and a deeper awareness of themselves. With her cross-disciplinary background, Talyaa’s strongest asset is her deep understanding of human states, her intuition, and her ability to hold a big picture perspective. As one of the developers of the FLOW Coaching Method, she successfully provides a creative space for individuals and organizations to transform and thus reach their loftiest goals.

    Currently, Talyaa resides in Toronto, with her family. As the Academic Director of the FLOW Coaching Institute, Talyaa has been working with multinational organizations and executives by helping them adopt a more holistic understanding of leadership, new forms of communication including coaching and mentoring approaches to their leadership style.

    She completed her professional coach certification in Vancouver, Canada in 2008. Talyaa attended Vancouver Art Therapy Institute and completed her practicum in an elementary school by working with children between the ages of 6-12. She served as an international faculty member at ACPI in San Diego between the years 2012-2015. She has more than 10,000 hours of personal and organizational coaching. Talyaa is an international faculty member of ISTUD Italy and board member at the ICF Toronto Chapter.



    ICF PCC – ICF Professional Certified Coach
    FLOW’s Program Faculty

    ‘’No matter what you do or how you do it, do it with passion, do it like you mean it.’’

    Thomi began practicing coaching 30 years ago when she was the Western Regional Manager of the Education Practice of an international consulting company as she worked with the company consultants and the client organizations.  Her extensive background earlier in teaching in high school, university and special adult education programs had developed both competence and deep satisfaction in helping people grow to become everything they could be in the world. 

    Over these years she was certified in numerous facilitation processes and has developed a deep interest and competence in emotional / relational intelligence for individuals and teams. Thomi is committed to building self-awareness, personal mastery and effective relationships to create the results people need and want.

    The FLOW Coaching Institute trains world-class coaches through online virtual coach certification programs accredited by the International Coach Federation. Established in Vancouver, BC in 2009 the FLOW Coaching Institute has helped more than +50,000 individuals and Fortune 1000 companies around the world to transform their lives, performance, and cultures forever.

    The FLOW Coaching Institute Trains Confident and Competent World Class Coaches which includes a diverse group of coaches serving different audiences such as business coaching, executive coaching, life coaching, career coaching, leadership development coaching, mid-level managerial coaching, corporate coaching, parental coaching, student coaching, wellness coaching, financial coaching and so on.

    Being ‘in the flow’ occurs when we do what we enjoy, use our strengths, embrace our values, and express our individuality. Our experienced coaches will use FLOW Coaching’s exclusive methodology to help you develop the confidence, leadership, and creativity needed to bring your personal and professional strengths into the fore.

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